So we decided to skip school today and go to the zoo. We are lucky enough to have passes, so we can go whenever we like, and going during the school year on a weekday is always a treat because it's not crowded. I love this picture of the boys walking ahead of me. They are growing up so quickly...sigh....

My attempt at a group shot. It rarely works anymore.

My favorite grumpy gorilla was napping. Tucker kept yelling "Hey wake up!" but he wouldn't budge.

I missed getting some pictures at Monkey Hill. Audubon Zoo has a fantastic area for kids where they can swim, run through waterfalls, climb rocks....it's really lovely. I couldn't get pictures because I was chasing the little miss, who was insistent on getting in on the fun with her brothers. Needless to say, she was soaking wet and I had to buy her a tee shirt at the gift shop just to get her home.

(By the way, her American Girl Itty Bitty Baby came earlier this week. It is *precious*!!! The boys and I were so excited you'd have thought it was for us.


Owen & Amanda said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You are annointed, my friend, as a writer. Humor and biblical teaching go hand in hand throughout this. May I be the first to ask that if I ever have the chance to pick a writer/speaker for an event, might you consider it?

jen said...

Absolutely, Amanda! I love speaking and writing. It's a great outlet. I miss you, friend!