Right now every New Orleanian is glued to the TV, wondering if Gustav is headed this way. It appears to be on the same track that that old witch Katrina took 3 years ago (almost to the day). And it leaves us all wondering...."WHY????"
Obviously we won't know or understand for a long time to come, but I do know that God is in total control of the situation and if history repeats itself, then it is doing it for a purpose. So I am writing this NOW so I can look back on it in a few days to remind myself. You know, for those 8953 times that I am certain to break down and lose all semblance of sanity.
All day it seems my friends and I have gone over and over what to do & what to pack. We've made sure we have everyone's cell numbers. We've cried and hugged and told each other "Hey, it's just stuff. Right?" It's 2 years I've grown so close to these women. I realize now that I totally take them for granted. We see each other -- on the playground, at the pool, at PE, to borrow sugar or butter, or sometimes just because we're lonely and need to chat over a glass of tea or cup of other words, I'm so incredibly blessed. There is no place like this on earth.
I pray that Gustav steers clear of New Orleans. I pray for this city. Most of all, right now I pray for my friends.

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