Because, of course, we're supposed to make them. Right?

I should make a list like my 9 year old did. Things he really wanted to do, not what others wanted him to do. Things like "stay up all night more often" and "eat more sugar".

So, in the spirit of Tucker, here is my list:
  • nap more often
  • drink more coffee
  • perfect my Wii tennis game
  • beat Pablo at Jeopardy
  • take my kids camping
  • teach the boys to fish
  • make one fabulous gourmet meal per month
  • have more backyard campfires
  • memorize an entire book of the Bible
  • finish a NY times Sunday crossword in one day, in pen
So if you ask me what I'm doing in 2011, there you have it. Yes, I'm going to go back to Weight Watchers. And yes, I'm going to lace up my old running shoes. And I'll still bug the heck out of anyone who knows me by asking if I should let my hair go gray. But my prayer is that in 365 days, I'll look back at this list and be able to report that I accomplished some, if not all, of the items on my list. 

Happy New Year!

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Gretchen said...

Good lord, I need my eyes examined. I thought you said "memorize the entire book of the Bible". A book IN the Bible makes more sense. Fun goals. Especially the napping one.