My Jordan Stones

As we wrap up our fourth week of backpacking through Joshua, I am getting a little tired. I find myself falling behind. Not that in my head I'm not keeping up. It's like how you lay in bed in the morning and think about getting up and running...but you never actually do it, as if by thinking about it it will make a difference.

Or am I the only one that does that?

I love Joshua chapter 4. I love the actual crossing of the Jordan, I love that God wanted each tribe to grab a stone from the Jordan and keep it for a reminder. I love how God says they hurried over. Which cracked me up because back in Chapter 3 I thought about crossing and how I'd probably be one to rush on ovah. You know, just in case.

Our pastor has been doing a six week study on Sunday mornings about the family. One of the things he has challenged us to do is begin a structured Bible study or family worship time. Last week, he asked us to share our testimonies with our kids, and have our kids (where applicable) share their testimonies with us. It was enlightening and fun! The kids had actually never heard our testimonies, and it was so cool hearing the boys tell about their salvation experience from their own perspectives. I think it was a great way to establish a habit of sharing spiritual things and thoughts with one another. Sometimes we don't actually get Jesus from our kids perspectives. We may ask them about Sunday school or Bible drill or AWANAs, but how often do we ask them what Jesus is doing in their lives, or what they've been praying about lately (or how about "ARE you praying?"). In sharing prayer requests, I am always amazed at what my 7 year old offers -- God has given him a gift of compassion for others. It is so precious to see.

Recently, our family went through a very trying time as the home we were renting was being foreclosed on. We tried to explain it to the children in simple terms: We were paying Miss Michelle but Miss Michelle wasn't paying her mortgage and so we have to move.

Tucker had apparently been pondering this for some time. He asked how long Michelle didn't pay.
Me: Well the sheriff says 8 months.
T: It sure did mess everything up for us.
Me: In a way it did, but think about it like this -- we never would have found the house we are in now if we didn't have to move out of the other one. And we love our new house!
T: yeah, I guess you're right, but still, it stinks that she didn't tell us the truth.
Me: But God planned the whole thing out for us. Isn't that cool?
T: what do you mean?
Me: we needed a house in Lafayette. The house we are in now wasn't available when we were moving. So we only needed one for a few months. God knew what was happening with Miss Michelle and put us in the place to take her house for those few months until our new house was ready for us. And remember, we to drive by our new house on accident. God planned the whole darn thing just for us!
T: Wow! That is cool!

Paul and I are pretty open about what God has done in our lives. We are both talkers, and so we tend to talk to anyone who will listen lots of people. I even find myself at work praising Jesus when a sleepy baby finally breastfeeds or a mom declares her sore nipples are feeling better! (Hey, I'm a lactation consultant, whadddya expect?)

I think by being transparent in our faith and in our lives we give others the true picture of what living a Jesus filled life is like. It isn't always pretty, and it certainly ain't never perfect, but it's real, and it's honest. Jordan stones? I carry most of 'em with me each day. My character, my conduct and my conversations are living stones that I lug around, displaying to a watching world.


Vernon Family said...

I love you Jenny! You have always been real and for a girl that was new to Biloxi it was refreshing and welcoming! Thanks for being you...the real you.

His Girl said...

what a wonderful challenge! I love hearing how you are purposing to parent with a God-focus. Nice!

by the way.. .you're not the only one.

His Girl said...

oh yes, and I think I'd run across just in case too. hahaha

lisasmith said...

I'm not sure what to say except I LOVE THIS POST!!!

I just love ya! Your talking, your intentional living and your stories. :)

And, I totally give myself credit for just thinking about doing it...whatever "it"may be. Like running, or eating some carrots or organizing the closet. Yeah, points for thinking about it for sure. ;)