My Itty-Bitty Baby...

Today Tucker is 7. He laughed this morning when I told him that 7 years ago today I was crying "I wanna have this baby today!" And I did. I'd been hospitalized for pre-eclampsia and was totally, 100% miserable. My poor husband had to listen to me cry, my feet swollen like balloons, while we were stuck in a very small hospital room in Elizabeth City, NC. My doctors (a group of 4) were rotating and the doc that had admitted me was rotating off at 4pm. One of our favorite docs in the group was coming on. We called him the Surfer Boy due to his bleach blonde hair, deep tan, and well, gorgeous-ness. He became my hero that day when he came in and announced, "Let's just get you delivered." Words that were literally music to my ears.
Tucker had been breech a week earlier. We had been scheduled for a c-section but after all the consents were signed, my IV was in, and even a catheter placed, it was discovered that he had flipped to vertex again. So we took the 65 mile trip home in silence, depressed and tired and just ready to meet our baby.
So here we were, our vertex baby and my high BP about to get induced to get this show on the road. The nurse in L&D couldn't find the fetal heart beat down low when she went to place the fetal monitor. "Is he breech?" she asked. "No, he flipped last week." "Well, I'm thinking he's breech now." In comes Dr. Surfer Man and a quick ultrasound revealed that indeed our son had taken another trip upside down (or right side up) in utero.
Another IV, another round of consents, another catheter, and into the OR I went.
I remember when he came out Dr. H said, "It's a boy. A really BIG boy!"
He was 8 lobs, 15.7 ounces. (16 ounces being a pound, so basically a safety pin away from 9#). He was a trooper from the beginning. Beautiful, calm, nursed like a champ....just a dream. I was in love from the first time I saw him.
I cannot look at him today and even believe that he is 7. He is tall, thin, handsome beyond all belief, the smartest person I know (besides his dad), and so funny. He's sensitive and kind and most importantly, he loves God.
Happy Birthday, Tucker!!


Jeanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TUCKER! I love your story Jenny. Birth is soo awesome....I want another baby bad...

Robin said...

Jen, what a wonderful story and I love what hubby wrote about Griffin. He will treasure those words his daddy wrote one day.

Happy birthday to both your gorgeous boys.