Happy Holidays!

Ok, let's just admit it. I'm lazy. I have yet to get our holiday letters out in the mail, or to even get our families packages out. But with 3 kids and a plethora of snot issues (hey, I'm being honest here), I'm doing the absolute best I can.

So in the spirit of the post holiday season, here is our holiday letter.

Dear Family and Friends:

This marks our third seminary Christmas. For all of its triumphs, toils and tears, three things have remained constant: First, God is forever faithful. Second, we are reminded, almost daily, by classroom professors and our precocious kids, how little we know. And last, we are constantly encouraged by your love, affection and support. Thank you.

This has been a year of change. As the days roll by, it seems that every New Year is a time for change. Our new president –who regardless of our party deserves our prayers and support – made change his mantra. The South family saw more than its share.

The biggest event of the year was Tucker’s decision to accept Christ as his Savior and Lord. His simple, childlike faith was a blessing to us all. To be sure, Tucker is a little boy, all about Star Wars and the PlayStation and Indiana Jones, but when it came to understanding the simple, yet powerful truth of the Gospel, Tucker soaked it up like a sponge. And God transformed his life. For all the wonder of this season of giving, Tucker’s acceptance of God’s free gift of grace was the greatest of 2008.

Meanwhile, he continues his good work as a home school third grader, wrestling with Latin and multiplication, history and more. He is a wonderful big brother, especially to his little sister. Tucker had a big year last winter playing Upward Basketball, the vehicle that God in fact used to bring him to Christ. For a 7-year-old, Tucker is one busy fellow. We are so proud of him.

Jenny experienced change this year, too. After seven years, she returned to work part-time as a NICU nurse at Touro Infirmary, New Orleans’ oldest hospital. There, God has granted her the opportunity to minister to co-workers and patients alike. One of Jenny’s great gifts is encouragement, and she’s been able to encourage folks at work and on campus, ministering to new Moms.

She has continued homeschooling the boys, and it has been a successful year. I have often said she has the hardest job in our family. That remains true today.

Griffin is now a kindergartener. Like his brother, superheroes, Indiana Jones, the Play Station and sports consume much of his attention. He’s making great progress in reading and math. When he takes time to put down his light saber, he makes us laugh daily. He is a joy.

Then there is Anne Claire. Between princesses and playhouses and “Monk” and “Smoochie” (her bedtime pals) Anne Claire brings us joy every day. She loves Dora and commercials (Her favorite phrase is “I want that.”). But on the upside, she loves books, snuggling with her Mom and Dad and mixing it up with her brothers. Like her brothers, she is a gift to us.

Dad spent another year working in the seminary public relations office, writing and editing and taking care of local media. Highlights of the year included a mission trip to Maine and volunteer media work for Operation Christmas Child. (Check out this great ministry to the poor around the globe at www.samaritan.org).

All in all even with trials and tears, it has been a marvelous year. We thank God for His blessings to us, notably the gift of His son and the gift of your love and friendship. In this year of change, we humbly ask that you will continue to keep us in your prayers. But more than that, in this year of trials and triumph, that this glorious season would cause you to pause and consider Christ, the original change candidate.

May God hold you in His heart and Happy Holidays.

The Souths
Paul, Jenny, Tucker, Griffin and Anne Claire

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