Because not every thought of mine is of Jesus and big life decisions...

My husband suggested last night that I not post on facebook for a while. I think my mention of my dream the other night, which involved choking up Snickers bars in front of Alex Rodriguez, followed by my reminder to my "NOLA peeps" to watch TLC's new reality show based on a handsome trash man named Sidney, made my husband, well....embarrassed. (Not really, he just thinks I am a goofball).

In my defense, which is rather pathetic, I am just honest about my life. Perhaps someone else in facebook land has had a dream in which she coughs up chunks of candy in front of a multi-millionaire Dominican baseball player. It could happen.
And as for Sidney --- well, anyone that gets New Orleans TV stations has surely seen the SDT commercials (not to be confused with STD commercials), in which a very handsome entrepreneur with olive skin and black wavy hair talks about his company. Yes, it's a trash company. Whatever. He can take my trash out any day.

Maybe it's because I referred to my friends and neighbors as my "peeps"? I consider myself slightly ghetto-fabulous, since I work at "The Touro", where hungry babies are considered "greedy", any sort of crying/fussing is "cuttin' up", and babies are either "woke" or "sleep" (as in "he woke?" or "she sleep?") -- not to mention, we "make groceries", watch parades from "the neutral ground", and drive east to go to the west bank. You don't have to be somewhere at 7:00, you have to be there for 7:00. "Where y'at?" actually means "How are you?" -- it doesn't have to make sense. It's New Orleans. And you must admit, it's a little bit funny.

My family laughs. A lot. My kids are ridiculously goofball-ish (yes, it's a word).
6 year old Griffin can get a big laugh for doing the robot, walking stupidly, and his 6 year old potty humor can make me and Paul collapse into a fit of the giggles. (If it involves the word "butt", "poop" or God forbid, "fart", Griff will do whatever possible to use it. What can I say? We're raising a genius over here.)

So, whether or not Mr. South thought I was slightly, well, stupid, he laughs with (or maybe at?) me every single day. He cracks me up more than anyone I've ever known, and that's saying a lot, because I know some pretty funny people.

As for the TLC show about Sidney? Well, it wasn't that good. Now, if you'd add in a little person and maybe some conjoined twins....

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Robin said...

But the question is "where do you stays?". Ummm you could say that I grew up in the poor rural south that had it own brand of "ghetto".

Catching up on your blog tonight and this made me LOL and I needed it. ;-)