It's summer. Where did my patience go?

Holy this-is-gonna-be-a-long-summer, Batman!

They've officially been out of school, what? 2 weeks? And already I'm losing my cool.

Maybe it's because we're stuck in this itty bitty, teensy weensy apartment. They've no room to "roam".

Maybe it's because they're used to being around a big group of other same aged kids for 7 hours per day with scheduled non stop activity and fun-ness.

Maybe it's because _____________ (insert whatever excuse you can conjure here).

Whatever the reason, school doesn't start for another 71 days.

Yes, I've counted.

In the meantime, we have to move. I have exactly 23 days until I start my new job and I have not even packed a single box. Nor have I secured a house for us.

And here I sit at 11am sipping my 3rd cup of coffee, still in my pj's.

While the kids run amok.


Thanks to my friend Gretchen, I am going to post my very first...

1. I am gladitudinally glad to have met Gretchen during my safari through Daniel. I am convinced we are sisters from another life.
2. I am glad that my kids had a fantabulous school year and finished off their first year of out-of-home-schooling better than either Pablo or I could have expected, imagined, or envisioned.
3. I am glad that we signed the boys up for baseball. They love it, have made great friends, have awesome coaches, and are actually pretty darn good at it.
4. I am gladaciously glad that I have a new job. It will be different for me to be working full time, but I think it will be a great opportunity for me.
5. I am glad that in all this, I am really learning to cast my cares on Him. Even though my first instinct is to panic and worry and try to come up with a "plan B", I really can see progress in my faith-growth. I find myself thinking "if it's His will, He will take care of the details." And I know He will.
6. I'm glad for friends near and far. Really glad.
7. I'm oh-so-glad for my husband. Pablo rocks.
8. I'm usually glad for my kids. (kidding, people! of course I'm glad for the little heathens that are presently acting like they belong in a locked down ward of a psych hospital.)
9. I'm glad for the AMF Kids Bowl Free program for the summer. Not that we've used it yet, but I printed off my coupons today.
10. I'm glad for Sudafed. Summer colds suck.

So....what are you glad for today?


Amber said...

I have homeschooled all year long. And now it's summer. And the children are driving me banonkers.

Please explain the difference to me? Because.I.Don't.Get.It.

So I just go to the pool. And pretend like I don't know them. ;)

Michelle said...

Praying for a good dose of Patience and Harmony around you. <3

Robin said...

Well we homeschool year round and I have a tween who is supporting an adult sized 'tude, that I am afraid he inherited from his wonderfully loving mama. I am not sure if he will make it to the teenaged years. So I think you should plan a little vacation trip to Texas, we can even call it a mission trip. Bring your three heathen and we will put them with my 4 heathens and we can both drink coffee while they see what trouble they can get into.

Gretchen said...

Lurve your mcgladdies! So glad that we met and Safari'ed together. I'd travel with you any time.

Sorry times are rough right now. I'm not a good transition-er. I don't do well with change. Once change has occured, I can typically cope, but it takes all I have. And guess what--I make it harder on myself because i usually don't ask for His help until I'm in wayyyy over my head. Now, if only I could start with prayer, submission and dependence, I might be onto something.

We are flonase, zyrtec, and sudafed achievers around here. Cheers!

Will pray for your move.