Missing Bibles

My children.

They are not always the most respectful, obedient, or humble creatures I've ever met. Actually, they are pretty far from it. And as a mother, I have struggled with how to teach them what Jesus says about these topics, as well as so many others.

Growing up, I learned that the Bible was a guidebook for life. And it truly is. I've always known it to be true, and I live with it at my side, knowing if I'm ever in doubt or troubled, this one book has the answer to it.

Yet somehow I've failed to teach my own children that incredibly important truth.

When they talk back I say, "what would Jesus think of that?" and I tend to get blank stares.

When they fight, I say, "do you think God likes when you treat each other like that?"

Again with the deer in the headlights look.

When I asked one of them to get their Bible and look up what Jesus said about obedience, I was told "I don't know where my Bible is."


We live at seminary, kids. You have to know where your Bible is, don't you?

I got a (complimentary) copy of What Did Jesus Say? from Tyndale House about a month ago to review and read through it while sitting in carpool line. I love the simplicity of it and how it speaks to young people in their language. In ways that they understand and can appreciate. Take, for instance, the intro to the section on "humility":
Here's a news flash: life is not all about you....Jesus had a lot to say about that.
What follows is 2 pages of scripture teachings about humility.  It teaches it better than I ever could, and the reason is that it is straight from the Bible. You can't go wrong.

So while I feel as if I've failed my kids on so many levels, I am still (thank you Jesus) a work in progress. It isn't too late to start over today. With God's help, I know my children can be all He created them to be.

Now...off to find those Bibles....


Kellie said...

I think I may have to go find that book an read it myself. I am trying to find books for the kids for next year to use as devotional type reading.

Hang in there! The good news is that we all are WIP's!

Gretchen said...

My kids lose them, too. We keep digging in and trying, and I've learned to say, "Here, read mine!" when I'm disciplining. ;)

Blessings on your move, Dear Jen.