Gettin' my pack ready-

An entire year has passed since I went on safari. I had so much fun on that trip that I couldn't resist taking a backpacking adventure when I was invited by Amber and all my old safari compadres.

This time our challenge is Joshua. I've actually read this book several times and Joshua is one of my favorites, so I proudly stupidly had little fear when embarking on this study. So imagine the irony when I read through Joshua 1 and realize that God told Joshua four times --4 times!-- "be strong and courageous".

Adjective: Not deterred by danger or pain; brave.


I've backpacked before. Actually, I love it. I love hiking. I love the outdoors. Some trails are easy -- with even trails, a steady incline, and nice scenery. Others are rocky,with uneven terrain, overgrown bush and steep hills. Some come fraught with danger, like snakes and bears. Others are so tame you're lucky to see a chipmunk.

I've a sneaking suspicion that God called me to this study because something downright skeery is fixin' to happen. I'm certain He's got a plan, and in my life, He has a distinct pattern of revealing His plans through the wise words of godly women. Women like Amber, and Gretchen, Kellie and Lisa. There are others, of course, but these are a few of the friends that shared their hearts so honestly, so openly, and so transparently as we journeyed through the book of Daniel one year ago.

God is faithful. If you haven't heard my story about how we came to move twice in six months, scroll down a bit and read. God is amazingly, unwaveringly, incessantly, eternally, incredibly faithful. My entire life is one example after another of His love and faithfulness.

Wanna find out what God's up to?

Stay tuned.

Lacing up my hiking boots and donning my cutest khaki shorts,


His Girl said...

*claps hands and jumps up and down*

Oh, you got me all excited!

Gretchen said...

Can't you just see Amber jumping up and down? ;)

Hard to believe a year has passed. And maybe we'll hike thru some "skeery" things, but we'll be together, won't we? And He'll light the way for our feet.

I know you must be exhausted at times, but it really IS amazing to see where he's brought you in just the year I've "known" you.

New Every Morning said...

Looking forward to learning together! Yay for the green group! :)

Bev said...

Great post! From your fellow traveler in Green Group.

Michelle said...

Jen, I feel like you. Something is going to happen. I came across this study through a tremendous friend and I almost get tingly with anticipation. Thanks for sharing!

God's Guitar Girl said...

Just stopped in to say "howdy" from the Red Group! I know that "skeery" feeling you're talking about, and I really admire how you refuse to back down. That takes an amazing, abiding faith. I can't wait to read more -- I plan on finding that other post you were talking about!

lisasmith said...

Like you, even that "skeery" feeling isn't enough to keep me away!!!!! I have so missed my rides in your mini van. Thankful that Joshua is bringing your way for a bit and I'm jumping up and down with Amber!!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you! And I'm way behind and have to come back and read so I can catch up on the moves. I have no idea even where you are! I'll be back!