for tricia...

Tonight as I was catching up on some blogs, a comment on Rick's blog led me to this, and the next thing I knew I was in tears, thinking of all the wonderful mama moments that I take for granted and oftentimes complain about.
That is the way life is, though, isn't it? The things we take for granted are the things that we cherish the most.
So this is for you, Tricia. (If you don't know Tricia, start here.)

I can't wait until you can:
  • have your daughter chew up a cheerio and then take it out of her mouth and place it in your mouth, with a gracious smile on her face. (yes, it happened to me just tonight. I mean, what was I gonna do?!)
  • walk hand in hand while your daughter takes her first wobbly steps
  • hear her say "mama" with nothing but pure love on her face
  • listen to the uncontrollable giggles that erupt whenever you tickle her
  • see the look of absolute first love on her face when she looks at her daddy
  • make the world a better place just by kissing a boo-boo
  • brush her hair and inhale that irresistible fresh baby smell
  • see her instinctively place any bag over her arm and pretend it's a purse. (ah, now that's a girl after my heart!)
  • watch her touch your painted toenails with absolute awe, and wonder when it's an okay time to paint her toenails (you know, without the world thinking you've gone slightly over the proverbial edge)
If you are a mama, please take a few moments to list for Tricia all the things that you look forward to her sharing with her little Gwyneth. And more than anything, remember to pray for Tricia, for Gwyneth, for Nathan, and for the rest of their family.