a lesson from my girls...

My GA's continue to amaze me week after week. No matter how harried and disorganized the evening seems to be, when we gather in a circle and join hands to pray, these girls do some prayin'! They can act silly and goofy for an hour, but when they go to the throne, they are all business. From the youngest, who always prays that "everybody will have a good time" to the oldest, who prays for the salvation of family members and prays for missionaries by name and location, not one of them ever skips praying.
Last summer we used a lot of our GA time for prayerwalking the battered neighborhood around our church. When we came across people that were outside (usually working on their homes & yards), we would introduce ourselves and offer to pray with them right there. Never did anyone turn us down -- and by the end of our short visit, most had tears in their eyes.
Tears over the heartfelt prayers of a group of young elementary aged girls, who know the power of prayer.
So often as adults we forget the value of a touch on the arm, a whispered prayer for a stranger, and a sincere smile. Children haven't forgotten that. They haven't become critical of the world around them. They see the value and the good in everyone they meet. Perhaps that's why Jesus said we are to become like them (little children) if we want to enter the kingdom of God. We need to see those around us as people created in the image of God.
Someone recently recommended that we videotape Tucker telling the story of how he came to know Christ, so that in later years, if he ever questions his salvation, he can look back on that and see the enthusiasm and sincerity in his spirit. What a great idea. My aunt gave me a note that I had written her when I was 8, telling her all about my salvation and feverishly telling her and everyone in her house that they too must get saved. She sent it to me when I was in my 20's and having some doubts about whether I really was sincere when I prayed that simple prayer as an 8 year old girl. When I read that note, written in my childish handwriting, I could almost feel the excitement and honesty of it.
Sincerity. Honesty. Humility. Earnest, powerful, purposeful prayer. These are the tools that my GA's show me each and every week.
When I grow up I want to be just like them.

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