Homeschool Commencement '08 (and why my camera sucks)

Last night was our homeschool groups commencement ceremony. It was a huge success, even though the a/c seemed to be a bit faulty (either that or I'm truly having hot flashes!).
We had 2 girls graduating high school and their speeches and prayers were nothing short of eloquent and convicting. I told both of their mothers afterwards that if our children turned out half as well as these 2 young godly women did, we would have done something right. And I'm not exaggerating. Their parents have *so* much to be proud of. (One of the graduates is 15 and was awarded the William Carey Scholarship ~ so, 4 years completely paid. The award was for $50K).
Each age group sang and recited a verse, and faculty member Dr. Rex Butler gave a short exhortation to the parents of homeschoolers and then handed the children their certificates and shook their hand. (Always generous, Griffin tried to give Dr. Butler his certificate back!)
Tucker even boogied a bit in the front row when his group sang "Peace Like a River".
So it is official -- Griffin is now entering kindergarten and Tucker, 3rd grade.
Where are the pictures, you ask? Well, that's where the 2nd part of my post title comes in. My camera decided that this was the perfect opportunity to just flat out die. Everything I attempted either had such a long delay or was so blurry it isn't even worth posting.
Time goes so quickly... I know for the graduate's parents they probably remember like yesterday when their 6 year old was up on the stage dancing to a non-danceable song and thinking it was nothing short of precious. I am reminded to cherish today, and embrace each moment with my children.
I was also encouraged to keep on keeping on when it comes to schooling the kids. Some days just get so rote and I often wonder if what I'm doing really is making a difference. It was nice to hear from Dr. Butler (who homeschooled his children) and from the graduates that homeschooling really DID make a difference. I needed to hear that. God knows just when to send the right words of encouragement, doesn't He?

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Gretchen said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm having one of THOSE homeschool days.
(And sorry about your camera!)