More about gay marriage...

I've decided to expand more on the gay marriage theme, since I've had so many people visit my blog from my last entry (which cracked me up, since some of them were my very vocal critics, telling me to keep MY God out of THEIR laws. I'm so glad they've felt led to continue checking in here!)
One issue that amuses me is the biology issue. Women are soft; men are firm. Women are smooth; men are hairy. Women have soft voices; men have deep ones. Women are short(er); men are tall(er). And the list goes on....What most women find attractive about men are the things that make them different from themselves. And vice versa. My husband would not be nearly as attracted to me if I had razor stubble on my face and a receding hairline. Nor would I find him appealing if he had a soft voice and breasts. That is biology.
Then there is the argument that we are not merely mammals, but we are animals. The people spouting off their zoology theology may call themselves that, but I will stick to the label "human"and I will even take that a step further and say what I have said before....just because homosexual behavior is exhibited by some animals in nature does not mean that it is acceptable and right. A cat cleans itself by licking itself, monkeys eat bugs off their families, and most all animals eat their placentas. Though many humans perhaps do these very things, it is NOT considered the "norm" nor is it considered appropriate behavior.
What it all boils down to is sin. God ordained marriage and family -- it was the first institution that was created. It is sacred and holy. Why would a gay or lesbian family even WANT to be married?
Benefits. Insurance. The right to make legal decisions for their "significant other". The right to have children together and raise them together.
Reminds me of the women's lib movement and how we have demanded to be treated equally. Now we are a country at war and mother's have had to deploy, leaving their children without their mamas while they fight and die for our country. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Anyone who is a mother or has a mother can vouch for the difference a mother makes in their lives. Daddies are fantastic, no doubt, but when a child falls down and gets hurt, they want their mama. No one should have to live without their mothers for months....even years at a time while their mamas are off fighting -- a job once reserved for men only, but we fought -- and won -- the "right" to be separated from our families.
Adding fuel to the fire is the liberal "Christians" among us who applaud the California decision and spew hatred toward more conservative Christians because we interpret the Bible as it was given to us by the one true God. God says homosexuality is sin, so we interpret that as sin. These "others" that I speak of say "nah, He didn't really mean that." (Sounds strikingly familiar to the serpent in the garden...."Did God *really* say....?"). I have but one verse for them...." but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6. I strongly urge them to consider the weight of that....
Gay marriage? It is nothing but a slap in the face to the Creator of the Universe.

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