a huge day in the South family...

Today Paul baptized Tucker. Our church family was so enthusiastic for this day, and so were we. Tucker wasn't the slightest bit nervous. He opted to wear Spiderman swim trunks, a tee shirt, and flip flops for the event. He was the epitome of "cool."
We got there early and Tucker went to check out the rented baptismal. We were thrilled to learn that Chad had also rented a heater, so the water wasn't straight from the cold tap! I should probably explain about our church right now. It flooded (9 feet) during Hurricane Katrina and we are still in the rebuilding process. When we joined Edgewater last year, they had just moved into one building after meeting outside in a tent for over a year. We still are meeting in the fellowship hall, but progress is being made in the rest of the building, and we hope to be back in the sanctuary next year. For more information, check us out here.
First on the order of worship this morning was the entire congregation singing "Jesus Loves Me." Very sweet! Then we had 7 new babies dedicated. What an awesome privilege to lay hands on these new parents and babies and pray for God's direction, guidance, and protection. Then it was Tucker's turn. Up to the pool he went, accompanied by Paul and our good friends Daniel Bramlett (whose sweet wife Laura took these pictures) and Jeremy Evans.
Paul first read my blog entry about Tucker's inviting Christ into his heart (if you missed it, you can read it here). At that point Daniel lifted Tucker up and into the baptismal. Paul asked Tucker if he had indeed asked Jesus to come into his heart. Tucker responded with a self assured "yes!" and then he immersed him, baptizing him as not only his son, but also his brother in Christ. The congregation applauded heartily and Tucker was all smiles as Daniel helped him out of the pool.
Baptism is an act of obedience. What a wonderful testimony it is for a believer in Christ to make a public declaration that he is choosing to follow Jesus, no matter where He leads.

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