intentional conversations...

I lead a group of 6-11 year old GA's on Wednesday night at church. We've been studying Indonesia (where 88% of the population is Muslim) for the past month and the girls have been intrigued by the idea (not an idea, really - a fact) that the missionaries we've studied all have hidden identities. It is illegal in Indonesia to share Jesus. However, it is *not* illegal for them to answer questions about their faith -- they simply cannot initiate the conversation.
This got us to thinking of ways we can live our lives that would stir others to ask us about our faith, our lives, or just flat out ask us about Jesus. We decided that in order to lead lives like that, we would really need to guard our conduct and our conversations. Tucker just learned a verse for school this week -- "A child is known by his conduct, by whether his actions are pure and right" -- and it applies to me as an adult as well. When a watching world sees how I respond to a bad situation, or how I relate to the poor, the sick, and the hungry -- that is my testimony.
Lifestyle evangelism, intentional conversations...whatever you call it, it means the same thing. Living a life that points others to Christ.

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