It's a strange way of life, living on a seminary campus. It's sort of like college dorm life, only with kids. It's closer than apartment dwelling, because here you are sort of f0rced to spend a lot of time with your "neighbors". Most of us homeschool, so our children are home all day, playing outside or in one another's homes. Our husbands all take classes together. We share nearly everything -- groceries, babysitting, laundry detergent. And Diet Coke.
It is a transitional place. People are always moving in and moving out....graduations, getting called by a church, going to the mission field....things are always changing.
Today, some friends of ours are heading back to the Czech Republic, where they are strategy coordinators for the Roma people. They furloughed here for 3 months and we had the wonderful opportunity to get to know them and their 4 children. They left behind their families and their possessions to follow God's call. They are a true embodiment of living, breathing faith.
With so much going on in this world, vying for our time, our attention, and our prayers, remember to lift up those that have sacrificed so much to live out God's plan. After all, it is not our plans that matter much in the grand scheme of things. God has a divine plan for this world, and each one of us has a part to play in it.

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