I forgot how much fun that game is. Tucker picked it up today at Wal Mart and we played like 3 games before he said he was done. I was ready to take him on again. (He won 2; I was ready to even the score!) I'm so overly tired of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, and well, Junior Monopoly was invented by the Antichrist, I'm certain of it.
Poor Griffin lost his one and only game and proceeded to throw a complete tantrum over it. I told Paul that I think he is the sort that wants us to let him win. Unfortunately for him, he has a very competitive family, even parents, that probably won't indulge him. Around these here parts, you gotta EARN your win. Ha!
Which reminds me that I am still the South family Trivial Pursuit champion.
Just sayin'.


Michelle said...

Uno is probably the top pick for our Friday Family Game Night. Yahtzee comes in at second place. I prefer Uno over Yahtzee because it is quicker, though.

My Mom is famous for *never* letting us win at any games. We'd play Parcheesi as kids and she would block us turn after turn. Ha!

Oh, Skipbo is another great game!

Gretchen said...

I'm pretty sure the Bender family could take the South family in Trivial Pursuit.
Just sayin'.

Jen said...

bring it on girlfriend!