Anne Claire

As I sat at a blank screen today, I asked Sissy, my ever-present companion, what I should write about. "ME!" she exclaimed, very excited to be the focus of a blog post.

So. Anne Claire. My 3rd born. My only girl. My post uterine rupture, delivering @ age 41, daddy-didn't-make-the-vasectomy appointment baby.

Also known as one of the best things that's ever happened to me. And to our entire family.

Annie was born on October 9th at 36 weeks. The doctors wanted her delivered before I had even a remote chance of going into labor. We traveled to Mississippi the Friday before her birthday for an amniocentesis to check for lung maturity. We got the "ok" on Sunday, and Monday had us driving back across state lines to have a baby. A scheduled c-section. We were 1st on the list that day. I remember exactly how I felt and how anxious I was to meet her.

Though I have to admit I really thought "she" would come out with a penis.

I had the spinal anesthesia from hell, thankyouverymuch Mr. Anesthesia Man who placed the spinal too high, causing my diaphragm to become numb and I couldn't feel myself breathing, sending my brain into a nosedive spin of "YOU AREN'T BREATHING" thoughts which made me start hyperventilating and sweating rather profusely. Mr. I Ain't Winnin' No Anesthesiology Contests Anytime Soon assured me that I was fine, that he had accidentally anesthetized my diaphragm and so I couldn't feel myself breathing but look, see you are breathing fine.

Whatever. Just shoot some sort of benzodiazapine into my IV now. Hear me?

A few minutes later Dr. Sams announced we had a pretty blonde girl.




And then I saw her and immediately started crying. She was drop dead gorgeous, even though she was on the bluish side and covered in a thick coat of cheesy vernix. She was PRECIOUS! I'd have licked her face if they'd have let her get a bit closer.

She is still precious, 3.5 years later. She is incredibly funny and pretty and smart. She is very bossy and very diva-esque, don't get me wrong. She bosses the boys around like she owns them, and can turn tears off and on faster than a light switch. It's quite impressive to watch.

She is dying to go to school. She wants to go to Newman with the boys, but can't until next year after she makes 4. She loves to dance and sing and color. She loves princesses and Max & Ruby and Lelli Kelly shoes. Her favorite color is pink and she would eat spaghetti for every meal if I let her.

She is letting her still-blonde hair grow out. She wants it to be long. She wanted me to write that.

She does a great impression of Charlotte from "Princess and the Frog".

Though she says *she* does not kiss frogs.

This is for you, Annie.

I'd kiss a hundred frogs if I could have a daughter like you and be your mama!

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Kellie said...

What a cutie she is! So worth all that labor drama!