Kindergarten musicals....gotta love 'em!

Griffin's class represented Australia today in the PK/K musical presentation of "Around the World". It was wonderful. Big Daddy and I sat in the audience near tears because we love this school so much. Griffin is in the front row here, 5th from the left, and yes, he needs a haircut desperately but is being very adamant that I not cut it. So he looks like, well,  a vagrant 6 year old.

Here, in all it's glory, is my back-of-the-auditorium video taping of the grand finale. Note: I am not exactly a Spielberg-esque videographer, as you can tell. I took this on a cheap camera at that. If anyone has any good rec's of a video camera, (we lost ours in Katrina and never replaced it), let me know. My children have not been truly videotaped since the I a pathetic mama or what?


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