Sayonara, Daniel-son

It's officially over. I traded my jeep back in for my minivan and my hiking boots for flip flops. I turned the last pages of the book of Daniel over a week ago. It was sort of bittersweet. But I am choosing to view it not as an end, but a beginning.

The beginning of a new friendships.

The beginning of a new way of studying the Bible.

The beginning of me really, truly living for God.

As I've said so many times during this journey, I had no real desire to do this study. I signed up because, well, because I needed to sign up to do a Bible study. It's what I do. I do Bible studies. I'm a good Christian girl that lives on a seminary campus, for goodness sake. Of course I do Bible studies!

What I didn't count on was God getting my attention with this one.

I didn't count on becoming so enthralled with Daniel, the man, that I couldn't even *wait* to see what happened next. I was so convicted and humbled from the that I spent the good part of 12 weeks in prayer, asking for forgiveness and mercy and grace.

I cannot say enough about how cool it was to see Amber pull these big ole chunks of everyday life-truths out of a book that is mostly well known for its prophecy. Every week I would read the chapter before I read her notes and try to guess what she'd have us focus on. It was so evident from the very first week that God was using His Girl to lead us to Him. I loved studying each chapter over a week of time. It gave me plenty of time to read and re-read the Word and have those truths just sink in.

And my new friends.  Like they say in the movies, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." 

What can I say about these wonderful, amazing women that opened their hearts and souls to me over these past 3 months? I've learned so much about them, and in turn, myself, that I cannot even begin to thank God enough for them. My life is forever changed by learning from them, praying for them, and having them pray for me.  

So...thank you first and foremost to God, for bringing the whole deal together. Thank you Amber, for your obedience when God called you to write and lead this study. Thank you Robin, for drawing my attention to it. And thank you to my new girlfriends....Gretchen, Lisa, Karen, and Tiffani. Y'all are rockstars!

So....when's the next study? (wink, wink...)


Amber said...

Had some other buddies that did His Girl's Daniel study. Good stuff. Good good stuff.


lisasmith said...

I don't even know where to start...

The title's awesome.
I read the passage first too trying to guess what Amber'd say. cool.
And the girlfriends... oh the girlfriends... now we need a real life safari. that would just be tha bomb!!

tears falling now...
until later my friend.
xoxo lisa

Gretchen said...

Love you, Jen. Thanks so much for extending your friendship and sisterhood to me. I have learned so much, and God has been so gracious to me through your words as we've studied Daniel. girls are definitely some wonderful souvenirs.

Tiffani said...

I've been out of the loop for a bit I've had computer issues and then had a hard time getting "back", I'm working on my post tonight.

This was such a joy to do with you. You've become such a special part of my heart with your honesty and posts that somehow said what was on my mind. YOU my dear are the rockstar!!

many hugs and kisses!!

yes, next study please!! ;)

His Girl said...

if I am ever suddenly RICH I am SO SO SO going to take us all on a real-life safari!!!