The Morning Mom

Every morning since I've been married, I have started every day with coffee and the "Today" show. While at times there has been questionable content, it's never been anything outrageous. Not at 7:00 a.m.

This morning, between 7:10 and 7:20, there was a story about some senate lesbian party sex scandal, a story about a topless party (or it could have been a topless lesbian party), complete with pictures, followed by yet another story about Tiger and his lovahs, again complete with pics of scantily clad women.

7:10 in the morning. While my children are having breakfast and getting ready for school. Even for the adults, who wants to see soft core porn in the a.m. with my toast and coffee?

I suppose the answer from many would be "don't turn on the TV in the morning." I wish I were the type that woke up, made my family a big homemade breakfast, and sang a few hymns while they ate quietly. However, I am more of the frozen waffle, cereal or oatmeal type of mom. I try to channel my inner Michelle Duggar, but more often the Kate Gosselin in me comes out. "Boys, we have to leave in 5 minutes and you're sitting in your underwear. Let's move a little more quickly!"  "BOYS! LET'S GO!! ARE YOU GOING TO SIT THERE ALL STINKING MORNING?????"


By the way, Griffin announced that the lesbian sex party sounded like fun.

I think I need some more coffee....


Wander said...

In my defense....

I'm not REALLY a fan or listener to thug music!
I have teenagers....they are!

Just joshing!
They listen, occasionally and I listen WHEN THEY LISTEN!!!
Got it?
Cause I'm one of those mom's....

Enough...I know! Sorry!

Thanks for coming over to Queenie's. Isn't blogging great? I love it!

When I grow up....I just wanna be a blogger! teehee!

Holy cow! TV makes me crazy! And my family LOOOOOOOOVES tv.
I cringe at the garbage they show...even on my fave channel (FoxNews).

Bless your heart trying to explain that show! Geez!

Gretchen said...

Wait...are you me?

So get it. And yeah...we do toast or cereal (help yourself, please), and no quick moves until Momma's had her 3rd cup.

Jen said...

Gretchen...oh yeah, 3rd cup. For sure. (Knew I :bigpuffyheart:'ed you for a reason!!)