Baseball and Mother's Day

Last night was opening night for the Carrollton Twins, coached by the amazing and ever-patient Peter Koeppel. The group of 7-8 year olds rocked the stadium and smoked the competition, 10-0 (though by rule, you cannot score higher than 8 pts so the official score is 8-0. Whatever. The Twins were on FIRE, baby!)

Lest I sound like one of those "team moms" that curses umpires and shames my child into doing better, I (not so proudly) would like to confess that when asked by another mom what # Tucker was wearing, I had no idea.

"All I know is it's Mickey Mantle's number. But I don't know what that is."
"Oh, he's #7."
"Wow, you're really good."
"No, it was on a Seinfeld episode. Remember the one where George wanted to name his first kid 'Seven'?"
"Oh, yeah, that was a good one!! What number is Robert?"
"I thought he was #8, but there's #8 and that isn't him."
"We're really good moms, huh?"

Speaking of moms, it's Mother's Day this weekend and I am blessed to work. Really, I mean it. I will get the opportunity to hopefully make a few mamas of NICU babies feel special on a day that otherwise may go unnoticed. The day to day roller coaster ride that is the NICU wears many a mom down, and especially on holidays, when they dream of having their babies at home with them, it is difficult. They may go to church where mothers are recognized and honored but no one acknowledges them because they don't have their baby with them. Or people don't know what to say, so they say nothing. These brave women will soldier through, pump ounces upon ounces of breast milk for their babies, and sit at their bedsides reading, journaling, or just talking to their babies. All mothers are amazing, but NICU moms are doubly amazing.

For my MD gift, I've been told by a little birdie that I'm getting tickets to Michael Buble'. This is huge news, because not only is it a superb gift, it is also the thought that really does count here. This means that Pablo will actually be sitting through a Michael Buble' concert. I would imagine that is a difficult undertaking for any heterosexual male. But he loves me, and so he will escort me.  (Muchas gracias Pablo! Te amo!)

Do you know what you're getting for Mother's Day? Do you have any traditions or customs? Do tell!


Tiffani said...

What a sweet perspective you have for those sweet Mamas on Mother's Day...your attitude could be so selfish and bitter. You go girl.

I get to go see my bestie, Amb, in AR next week and so I guess that's my mother's day gift...BUT, I hope at least dinner or lunch out is in the plan too!

Robin said...

I am not glad you have to work, but am glad you will be their to support and love on those mamas.

I hope you have a great weekend. I have no idea what if anything I will get other than a card for Mother's Day (since I usually pick out my own presents) and I am totally ok with that.

Amber said...

Seriously? Michael Buble? And surely your crew bought an extra ticket for your bloggy friend in Ar.Can.Saw. Surely.

I love your thoughts on NICU mamas. So precious.

And would be the holler-er mama. Umpires know me 3 counties away. And they are SCARED!!!

whimzie said...

I was a NICU nurse before I had my babies. I love the NICU.

K & I went to a Michael Buble' concert and LOVED it. I'm a big fan. I don't know if you knew this already or not, but just so you're prepared....If I ever got the chance I would have to ask Michael, "Hey buddy, you kiss your mama with that mouth?" He's wickedly funny but he should probably be required to bite a bar of soap.