Who doesn't need peace?

Elaine over at "peace for the journey" just had her first book published! The video trailer for it is beautiful and will calm your soul.

It calmed mine, and that was with 3 cups of coffee circulating in my bloodstream.

And a whole lot of upheaval in my mind.

Elaine says that peace is not a thing, it's a person. The person of Jesus.

I thought about this for a while and realized that yes, He *is* peace. 

  • He is the balm that heals everything
  • He is in the warmth in the coffee that I  drink.
  • He is the reason for the smile that comes to my face when I feel grouchy. 
  • He is the ray of sunshine that feels oh, so right - even when it's remarkably hot and humid.
  • He made the sweetness in a glass of tea. 
  • He is the cooling sound of ice tinkling in a glass.
  • He is in the sound of a giggling child.
  • He is love.
I even love the sound of the word peace. 

Have a peace-filled day.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for linking up and for joining me on the road toward peace! These are good days to be walking the kingdom road.