Changes, part trois

Are you enjoying my little bit of French? Tucker would be proud. He has taken French this year in school. We're excited that most of the schools in Lafayette offer French to 4th graders. His only problem now is that he was all psyched to take trumpet in 4th grade band and become the next Irvin Mayfield. We'll have to find the boy some horn lessons. He's into jazz. 

But I digress.

My week long panic attack subsided and we discussed some more pros and cons. What it all kept coming back to was really an obedience thing, though. We really felt God was urging us to move, if for no other reason than to find a church where we could serve and be served, where the kids could plug in, and where we could worship as a family every single week without me having to work.

Sometimes I feel like my entire life's testimony boils down to one word: obedience. God has tested me and tried me ...and then blessed me. Over and over and over again. I am so stubborn and ridiculously stupid when it comes to learning my lessons. I'm one of those who reads Exodus and gets all frustrated with the Israelites, yelling "Can't y'all see that if you just DO what God commands you'll get to the Promised Land a heck of a lot quicker than if you continue to disobey and do your own thing??!" --- and then it occurs to me that I do the exact.same.thing. Sigh.

Paul kept thinking about that scene from "Chariots of Fire" when the American runner comes up to Eric Liddell before a race and hands him a note. It reads: "In the Old Book it says 'He that honors me, I will honor.' Good luck." He felt that we needed to honor God by sacrificing our comfort and security (after all, there is security in the known) for Him. For family worship. For serving Him in a place we felt called to belong.

And so, with some trepidation, but pure faith, we stepped out, just like the priests did when they crossed the Jordan. They had to actually step out and put their toes on the water's edge before God parted the sea.

I called and accepted the job. Yes, I did.

And then went to pick up the boys and sat in the carpool line and cried and couldn't catch my breath and was totally swept up in the whole "known vs unknown" thing and how even if we were stuck in a tiny apartment on a campus full of Pharisees at least we had jobs (both of us) and we loved the school and there was baseball, and....

I'm a slow learner. Seriously.

But then, less than 24 hours later...


Tiffani said...

UGH!! JEN!!! ;)

It just amazes me how God's used you even though our situations are different, to speak His truth through you to me. Makes me miss Daniel Safari so much!!

Can't wait to hear the rest!!

Amber said...

Praying for you, friend.

You got this. :)

Gretchen said...

You know, as I've been reading through the OT, there are soooo many instances where God really equates obedience to love (for Him). No wonder that theme keeps coming up for you and for all of us. Well done, you, for heeding.

Robin said...

Scoot on over on the slow couch because I need the seat God is moving in our lives (as always) and I keep thinking "God thank you for not giving up on me when I get a severe case of the stupids." Our journey in Lafayette, AL (not to be confused with Lafayette, LA) was one of God doing some incredible things in our lives. I am praying the same thing for you both.