Growing Pains

My kids are growing. Right before my very eyes. And it seems there is nothing I can do to stop them.

Tucker seems huge to me all of a sudden. He outgrew shoes that I bought him only 3 months ago. Seriously, if you want to take stock in something, consider Nike. We've paid someones salary just in the past year of shoe-ing boys. Shodding boys?

Griffin jumped about 3 sizes in the past couple of months. He's lost 2 teeth and has those big obnoxious adult ones coming in. He's even starting to pronounce his "R's" correctly. Thank the Lord. Do you have any idea how expensive speech language pathologists charge?

Anne Claire has had the mother lode of all growth spurts. She totally bypassed size 3's and went from 2T straight into a 4. It is overwhelming. People that haven't seen her in a while marvel at how much she's grown.

Yes, I know. She doesn't look like a baby anymore. Thanks for being the 684th person to tell me.
Tucker informed me that I'm "halfway to dead." He explained that if the average person lives to be 90, I am at the halfway mark.

Gee, thanks, kid. Practical math my behind. Can't we just stick to having them memorize math facts?

And he wanted to vote on American Idol last week. Since when is he interested in Idol?

Don't get me started on the deodorant that he was wearing (because Stephen told him he does) or the fact that he turns red and gets a little anxious if you mention the name "Anajae" around him. Or the fact that he shyly asked me if he could buy a book about boys and growing up.

My silent inner scream nearly shook my gallbladder out.

Since there seems to be no realistic way to freeze my children in the time - space continuum, I decided that we were going to take this summer and spend some amazing time together. We'll swim, bike, go on walks, cook, grill, and take a vacation or two. I have sort of a sinking feeling that my babies are growing up on me and I don't want to miss one second.

I waited long enough to have them....I'm going to savor every.single.moment that I have with them.

Yep, every. single. moment...


Robin said...

I hope you have an amazing summer. (Want to come on a vacation to Texas? We could show them how we do home missions/church planting.) I know that this has been a year of realization for me. I have realized that I only have a few more years to "pour" into our boys before they will be (hopefully) out on their own.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

"half-way to dead."

I love that kid and don't even know Tucker. I suppose I'm almost half-way as well. But it's sweet being where I am today. 44 lives well, and I love my life. It's taken me a long season to get there, but I no longer take time for granted. Instead, I live time and count most every moment as "on loan" while traveling this sod.

Thanks for the smile, Tucker. I need that one.

peace~ "halfway to dead"... elaine