Fabulous Friday!

Today is Friday! That means it's time to count my blessings and reflect on the past week. (Note to self: start writing this stuff down each day. Too hard to recall the whole week. 44 year old brain and all.)

This week:
  • Tucker got "the best gift ever" -- I ordered him a sleeping bag from LLBean w/ his name monogrammed on it and he says he will take care of it and love it FOREVER!
  • I was told by precious Mrs. Summit that Griffin was "so smart" and "we're so lucky to have him in our class. We just love him!"  I had to re-introduce myself to her, thinking perhaps she'd mistaken me for someone else. 
  • Griffin has been reading so well I am dumbfounded. Seriously.
  • Anne Claire has taken to calling me "My Majesty" which I am loving. 
  • Also on the AC front, she now loves to play "I Spy" in the car. She says, "I thpy by my little eye and usually she says "The Superdome!!!" Thus far that seems to be her only I Thpy, but she's expanding. She thpied a lot of pink houses today. 
  • Pablo sent in another round of freelance work for Precept Ministries. Bueno! 
  • I downloaded a Bible onto my Blackberry, complete with a reading plan and everything. It is uber-cool. (Thank you Robin, for the suggestion!)
  • I had my breast-squooshing cermemony mammogram. Fabuloso!!
  • We had a whole slew of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Griffin ate them by the dozens. The child has the restraint of a sumo wrestler @ a buffet.
  • Dinner at Copeland's. Enough said. 
Now it's time to gear up for a Touro weekend. I love, love, LOVE my job! (No, really, I do! But that's a post for another day...)


care-in said...

What a great post...I shall try to write down my blessings this week!!

Robin said...

Love the idea of blessings Friday. Glad I could pass along the BB Bible tip. I love mine.