It's Friday!!

For an explanation of what "Fabulous Friday" is, click here.
On this sunny and beautiful Friday in New Orleans, I am thanking God for:
  • Yet another good interview for Paul this week. Not sure what will come of it, but I'm rejoicing that he has had some great opportunities to meet some wonderful folks!
  • The ability to work. Census has been down in the last month, which means the RN's are having to take turns getting canceled. I was incredibly grateful to work this week (and hopefully this weekend coming!)
  • Griffin and Anne Claire are better. They both were mildly down in the dumps this week with fevers, throwing up, and allergies. Griffie is back to school today (thank you Lord Jesus!!) and Scoutie is being a diva all over again, so all is right with the world.
  • Scout told me this week to "freshen up my oatmeal, mama".....which only adds to her diva-esque-ness.
  • We were able to bless a sweet young seminary couple with show tickets. Paul and I had plans to go out last night but couldn't (with the sick kids and all) so we found someone who was so, he was thrilled, so that made the fact that we couldn't go somewhat more tolerable.
  • We also were able to bless a nice homeless man on the way home from school yesterday. My kids are developing such sweet and gracious hearts along the way. 
  • I'm on week #9 of my Daniel study. Anyone who knows the book of Daniel knows that it's tough to study. It's been a tremendous time of growth for me. Thank you, Robin, for suggesting it, and Amber, for leading it!!
  • The ESV Bible. I got Paul one for his birthday and have, ever since, been using it and loving it. Pablo has accused me of bogarting it. Which seems to be working, because I think he's getting me my own for an anniversary gift. See, there's always a method to my madness!'s Friday.....what are you thankful for?

Oh, and I'm thankful for my friend Maude, who is one of the godliest women I've ever known, and who I've thought about more than once this past week. She was a Bible scholar. I mean, this woman had answers to whatever question you had, especially involving the OT. She loved Jewish culture and history (as do I), so we used to have some great conversations. I wish she were closer so I could continue to glean wisdom from her. Maude had a sign hanging in her kitchen that I came to love. As I prayed for her last night, I thought about that sign and decided I'd sign today's post with it.

Shalom, Y'all!

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