Pot?...meet Kettle

Griffin is home sick today. I think he is genuinely ill only because he had a temperature this morning and has been complaining of a stomachache for over 24 hours. Otherwise, the cynic in me would assume he was lying through his teeth telling a story just to stay home and watch a Phineas and Ferb marathon.

From my bedroom, where he and Anne Claire were watching educational broadcasting the Disney Channel, I overheard a very ironic conversation. It went something like this:

Griffin: "Annie, pick that up off mom's floor."
Anne: "NO"
Griffin: "Annie, you are going to make mom very sad and you are being disobedient to God."
Ummmm.....Pot? Meet Kettle.

Now, while many of you are thinking "How sweet. He is such a precious boy who knows God's truths!", let me just give you a glimpse into this spawn's child's heart. In the past 24 hours, he has accused me of hating him and not loving him because I only allowed him to eat 1.5 Kit Kat bars yesterday. (And see, I thought that was the cause of the proposed bellyache's arrival). He also stated that my garlic bread was stupid, that we always had spaghetti, that I hated him because I wouldn't allow soda with dinner, and finally that we didn't want him to have fun EVER because we asked him to take a bath. I've been unable to recall if Tucker acted this way at age six. Maybe I purposefully blocked it out of my mind? Or maybe Griffin is suffering from some middle child angst? Perhaps my mother's wish is coming true? ("I hope one day you get a kid JUST.LIKE.YOU.")

Nevertheless, I adore Griffin. He is the cutest kid ever. Really he is. And he is funny. And in his better moments he claims he wants to live with us forever, even after he gets married and has kids, though lately he states he will never marry anyone, which will greatly sadden Sissy, who has declared her undying love for Griffin and says she wants to marry him. When asked why, she says, "Because I love him so."

I do too, Annie. I do too.


Tiffani said...

Sweet kiddos.

We watch a LOT of that specific "educational" channel you mentioned! :)

care-in said...

That's too funny. Just the other day my six year old wished she didn't have a family then wished she was a cartoon so she wouldn't have to do any work.