So who doesn't love Jane Austen?

I admit. I adore all things Jane. I have a beautiful collection of her works, thanks to my sweet Pablo. I have read Pride and Prejudice more times than I can count. Of her not so popular works, I love Northanger Abbey. It's very satirical and I love Jane's quick wit.

Imagine the thrill when I received a complimentary copy of Jane Austen, a biography by Peter Liethart, written as part of the Christian Encounters series by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This series of books includes famous (and a few not-so-famous) people in history and tells how their faith affected their lives and their work.

The book goes into a lot of detail about Jane's extended family and friends of the family. At times, I honestly got lost in who was who. It can be said, however, that Leithart did his research. I did enjoy reading about Jane's immediate family. Jane was a preacher's kid who grew up in a house full of brothers and one sister, Cassandra, who Jane loved dearly. Jane's early works were written to make her siblings laugh. From reading this biography, I got a sense that Austen was incredibly similar to her most famous character, Elizabeth Bennet. Funny, sarcastic, and yet proper and moral.

I would encourage anyone who considers themselves to be a real, honest to goodness fan of "all things Austen" to pick up this book and read it. It gives a historical (though at times dry) account of Jane's life and death.

Now. Off to re-read Pride and Prejudice. Again.

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Tiffani said...

I have been wanting to pick up "Pride and Prejudice" again!

I love the back story on my favorite authors...lots on insight in to their work!